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We have increasingly worked with clients ranging from a wide range of industry verticals like the manufacturing, retail, services, news media, law enforcement and event management among many other industries.

Our experienced team of marketing and client servicing professional neatly understand the business and work flow process of our various enterprise and develop the system adhering to their work flow.

Insight on workflow applications developed by Arokia

We have created and developed a number of efficient workflow applications , some of them being the comprehensive created for the manufacturing sector which coordinates and enhances their manufacturing process, work order to after sales services. Alongside we have also created workflow applications co-ordinating order processing, salesmen to shipping, as well as document management systems with access control and version controls. Among the other workflow applications developed by us for our exclusive clients include project management system right from lead to development to the final deployment along with warehouse management system including the workflow of sales, purchase order through to shipping.

In the current business environment, the most quintessential feature for running successful businesses is developing effortless and well designed workflow management system for every size of business enterprises.

Our efficient workflow applications initiate the effortless practice of running businesses by setting the current workflow module in place. Our well-designed and highly innovative workflow applications helps our client’s employees to shed off the information management responsibilities from their shoulders helping them become more productive and in turn ensure success in businesses.

Workflow engine is used in some of our business applications
  • Customer Relation Management Software
  • Secondary Sales & Distribution Management
  • Office Intranet Software
  • eLoyalty Software
  • eCoupon Sales Monitor
  • Enterprise Portal Application

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