Windows Mobile App Development

Window Mobile is a feature packed OS with all the popular Windows mobile application, like Windows media Player, Windows office, Internet Explorer etc. While using the Windows Mobile, users can browse the Internet, use e-mail, keep track of schedules and contacts, and manage business documents using mobile variants of popular Microsoft Windows software like Office, Outlook and Windows Live. It is also an Operating System that allows developers to create customized and user specific applications to be installed in your Smartphone and other mobile hand-held devices.

Extended use of wireless data sharing has encouraged such development of outstanding applications for enhancing the usage of mobile hand-sets into a customized device that envelopes your personality and offers outstanding customized usability. Windows Mobile gives developers the unique opportunity to develop customized Windows Mobile App. development in accordance to the client’s specific usability criteria.

The Windows Mobile Application categories

Our programmers use their special expertise to create the most efficient and exclusive windows mobile application. Their domain expertise on the windows mobile platform includes:

  • Business Application
  • Communication Application
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Travel Applications
  • Fun Applications / Games Utility Applications
  • Security Applications and many more

Our Programmers have acquired rich experience in the development of Windows Mobile Application development on platforms like Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003/SE, Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows CE, Pocket PC 2002, 2003, Pocket PC Phone Edition, Net Compact Framework and uses tools like MS Embedded Visual Studio (eVC, eVB) and MS Visual Studio .NET. Moreover, we are committed in providing our clients with a wide range of Platforms for developing their custom-specific unique applications.

Services We Offer

We offer a wide array of services in the Windows Mobile Application Development. Some of these services include Data connectivity service that is designed to be seamless and secure (SQL Server Compact Edition, XML support, built-in security features, encryption libraries); we also offer a rich API support that includes messaging, telephony, connectivity, music, video, Bluetooth, gaming, configuration; along with this our specialised programmers and team of excellent developers also provide an extensive range of programming models which include native code, managed code, mobile Web development including support for basic AJAX applications.

Arokia’s Framework:

Arokia capitalizes on the technical strength and skilled virtuosity of our scalable matrices & combined synergies including: deep domain expertise; concentrations on horizontal and vertical levels; suites of application development and structured frameworks. We always underline the business and industrial standards; to be an effective and trustworthy transformation expert to our diversified client base all across the globe.

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