Offline Online Data Synchronization

Arokia IT offers very effective data synchronization solution for its clients. Our wide array of comprehensive client profile includes individuals, professionals and businesses. These comprehensive solutions also provide data to client as and when they need it. These online synchronized data is provided with integrated online backup, online PC synchronization, secure file sharing and remote file access. Among these there are various other offline modes of online synchronization, file and data sharing. It’s therefore a complete one-stop solution for your online data synchronization as a simple, affordable and convenient solution.

The Categories of Online Data Synchronization (Data Sync)

There is a number of online data synchronization that we perform for our clients. These range from database to database synchronization, database to file synchronization from FTP (file transfer protocol), and file to file synchronization along with custom synchronization. These services have the sole purpose of data synchronization to acquire the required consistency among all data from a source to target data storage and its reverse. This unique service provided to our client’s by the proficient team that help them to further accentuate the process of harmonisation of all data over a period of time.

Some of these data synchronization categories include:

  • Database to database synchronization: This unique online data synchronization(data sync) service from us ensures that all our clients have the opportunity to update their database from one server to another. This process requires an online data synchronization. This also ensures that one database format to convert to the other database format in the least possible time frame. This conversion and synchronization occurs and is completed through XML-RPC. These days even mobile devices perform this data synchronization(data sync) when connected to a computer of a laptop.
  • Database to file synchronization through FTP: This service of database to file synchronization is provided to our client’s where the files on one server can be synchronised together on another server through the same procedure of XML-RPC. In this particular service, we first convert your Database to a XML format. The XML format can again be reformatted to the Database format. This online data synchronization(data sync) is between two servers, from the server the data is formatted to the server it is being transferred to.
  • File to file synchronization through FTP: This special service to our clients to through the unique data synchronization procedure only files from one server can be synchronised to files on another server through the basic procedure of XML-RPC and further updating.
  • Custom Synchronization: This custom synchronization is a very special kind of online data synchronization, which provides our clients with the opportunity to choose the way they would like to synchronize the files and database on other servers through the process of XML-RPC. In this unique procedure of online data synchronization, our experienced team of professional programmers study and understand your very specific demands of customization and synchronize the data accordingly to maximise their customization.

Advantages with Arokia IT

We have been providing this unique feature service of data synchronization(data sync) among its numerous services to offer its client’s with the best of offline online synchronization. These services ensure that your entier database is synchronized directly between your computers, without the requirement of the online space or internet connection. Our exclusive custom synchronization not only configures your files and database but also provide unique custom synchronization tailor-made to your very specific requirement.Our Team of highly experienced professionals of marketing and clients servicing people make efforts to understand the exact requirement of our clients and provide them with the best offline and online data synchronization.

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