Internet/Intranet Web Applications

Arokia IT’s mastery and outstanding skill-set in the field of rich internet application development is highly acknowledged by its global clients. Our in-house professional web application developers ensure that our client’s receive superior accessibility, superior portability and amazing scalability, through the customized development of Intranet and internet web based applications. These applications are so designed to provide end users with the most innovative website user-interface and technical efficiency. These applications help our client’s to enhance their businesses, grow their resources and utilize advanced communication modules to effectively grow their businesses successfully.

Intranet is considered the private internet. Our accomplished and well-designed intranet web based applications are built to create the most effort-less applications to be used by a group or a company. These applications are exclusively developed to run on a variety of OS environment. They can also be highly-featured and demands an essential web browser in order to access. The various web browsers include IE, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla etc. and web servers like IIS, Apache; they are mostly preloaded in the computer as an efficient operation system. Our web developers are highly experienced in developing such intranet applications in accordance to your specific business module.

Our developers provide customized a highly scalable web applications development for its clients. These developers have the right calibre to provide the most bespoke web application development both in the context of intranet and internet applications that help our clients to process and built an effective and an highly efficient communication channel within companies and business themselves also aiding them to have the most efficient network and communicative channels with their clients and service providers. This effective communicative channel is increasingly processed internally with the intranet resource and externally by the efficient Internet module. Intranet/Internet Web Based Application are that effective, intuitive and highly feature-rich web based application developed by our efficient web applications developers to provide the most effective medium of data transfer, effective communication scheme and relevant resource sharing structure to its clients to grow their businesses.

The rich internet applications offered by Arokia IT Pvt Ltd not only make the most responsive and interactive applications, but also create an outstanding opportunity for companies, corporate to develop their very own internet applications. These intranet and internet web based application are highly feature-rich along with showcasing high levels of performance and reliability. Our web portals are developed keeping in mind the exact need of our client’s business criteria and association. These web based applications help clients to create and manage company profiles, news, events and also projects and tasks undertaken by them We also incorporate the various facets of work flow management, projects and MIS reports, documents and discussion forums in order to direct yet virtually interact with their clients, employees and service providers.

This is to help them know better and more comprehensively while maintaining the much needed and most essential interaction and communication forum. This forum facilitates the various nuances of community building and networking, most essential to grow and prosper in your businesses. Thus these intranet/ internet web based applications are the most effective channels help in accentuating the businesses processes while integrating the effective means of accessing company information and implementing solutions, this helps in driving your businesses forward.

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