Partner Enhancement Program

To stay ahead of competition, it takes more than just best products that you manufacture or the best service that you offer, you also need partners who make your products or services stand out in the highly aggressive market. This underlines the need for an efficient partner network with productive partners and mutually beneficial programs that encourage the partners to deliver the best possible performance.

The Partner Enhancement Program that offers tools to expand network, collaborate and leverage business with partners is exclusively designed to meet the specific challenges of opto –medical industry.

Business Process

The range of products that the opto-medical equipment industry manufacturers vary from minute highly delicate intra ocular optical lenses to highly sophisticated massive ultra modern surgical machines. Companies that manufacture and distribute the range of this minute to massive equipments can maximise their selling capacity by cross selling these products. Cross selling is the key in this business model.

Solution Provided

Cloud based Partner Enhancement Program: A secure and cloud based application to manage the complete process of this cross selling business model. The web application is optimised for various devices like desktops, tablets, smart phones etc.


  • The complete details of the equipment , the inventory with the partners , the payments ,invoices etc are electronically captured and maintained
  • An integrated online ordering system that enables the partner to order for new equipments or to bill his usage of equipment from loan account.
  • Automatically calculates all the overheads in maintaining the loan account manage and allocate the revenue share to the loan accordingly.
  • The complete logistics operations including return of already delivered items, delivery challan and inventory.

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