Project Management System (PMS)

Business Process:

Sustained profitability is the key to any successful business and to attain profitability companies need to monitor their projects for time & material being used and keep track with the original scope, this would be a challenging task for companies having resources working on different projects and at different locations

Solution Provided:

Project Management Software , a web based system hosted on cloud platform is a key to successful business , hosted on a cloud server makes the system available globally and accessible on desktops & devices, the solutions comes with standard modules and add on tools which can be further customized according to customer requirements

Key Modules of Project Management System

  • Employee Management
  • Customer Management
  • Project Primary Information Management
  • Project – Work Breakdown Structure (Detailed Project Planning)
  • Project Resource Allocation
  • Menu Authorization Management
  • Payment & Deliverable Milestones
  • Employee Log Entry & Authorization
  • Reports


  • Web based application, accessed through an intranet or an extranet using a web browser
  • Plan Projects in a clear and consistent manner
  • Gain a better understanding of your true Resource Capability
  • Optimize your resource usage
  • Gain real time visibility in the status of deliverables
  • Improve Budgeting/Cost Control
  • Minimize Project Risk and Reduce Project Failures
  • Gain a real time picture of Project Progress
  • Streamline the process of tracking time and managing tasks, milestones and projects
  • Keep project scope and budget under control
  • Get more work done
  • Centralize your team and your processes
  • Track time and tasks of a resource
  • Project completion status
  • Total man hours spent by different departments on specific projects
  • Team member specific daily/weekly/monthly task reports
  • Project specific daily/weekly/monthly reports
  • Overview information on how long tasks will take to complete.
  • Early warning of any risks to the project.
  • Historical information on how projects have progressed, and in particular, how actual and planned performances are related.

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