Medical Equipment

From introducing state of the art machineries in super-specialties and empowering patients with common medical devices as commodities - medical equipment industry is evolving and transforming the entire health care system. The long product lifecycle of medical equipments, tough competition and slow sales process make the industry fragile. Sustainability against market risks and costs can be ensured only through effective brand promotions and improved operations.

Business Process and Industry Challenges

Market Penetration, Slow Sales Process and Operational Gaps are the major challenges that this industry faces .Cutthroat competition demands assertive promotion to build trust among customers for your medical equipments. Reaching out regional and other target audience including doctors, physicians, diagnostic labs, hospitals, medical colleges and super-specialties requires a thorough strategic plan.

Medical devices are relatively costly; customers don’t buy equipments right away. They compare features and prices of multiple brands before making decision. Regular follow-up is the only key to close the deal ultimately.

From query to quotation and from order to supply, installation and services – a single interface is required to access, track and record information. The operational excellence contributes to the revenue figure significantly.

Solutions Provided and Benefits

Arokia IT Pvt Ltd reinforces the business composition of medical equipment manufacturers and retailers to cut the costs and optimize return on investment. Deployment of technology at identified performance points speeds up the supply chain.

  • Quotation Generation Program

    The quotation generation program facilitates quotation process along the distribution channel. The intelligent and interactive interface enables the sales team to send product quotations to clients instantly without any hassles. It is also called CPQ software – Configure, Price and Quoting Software, which configures complicated products, adjusts prices and generates an itemized quote. CPQ is a powerful program for distributors and sales team to complete quotation processes smoothly.

  • CRM & Order Processing Software

    CRM & Order Processing software allows customers to place and track orders conveniently 24/7. Besides customer benefits, it provides you digital data related to sales, which can be optimally used for marketing campaigns to boost sales figures. The easy to integrate software program multiplies your market reach and penetration.

Our proven capabilities offer unique abilities to your business to outperform competition. Integrate our ready to plug-in high-tech solutions into your system and reap the benefits the system offers.

  • Easy to embed solution in existing business process
  • Automated quotation and order processes
  • Automated order and invoice records
  • Reduced time to market
  • Deep market penetration and increased sales
  • Adjusts pricing automatically with latest pricing rules
  • Increase average order size automatically
  • Synchronizes posted as well as faxed orders
  • User-friendly

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